Rob Gilson, Girls Prep LES Middle School

Rob Gilson, Seventh Grade Math Lead Teacher/Math Department Chair

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio. The Queen City, home of George Clooney, Graeter’s Ice Cream, the Little Miami River, Kings Island, Eden Park, the Guinness Book of World Records record for the largest chicken-dance, and Gilson’s Inc. 🙂

College(s)/Affiliations:  Georgetown University, Union Institute & University, University of Cincinnati, City College New York

What inspires you about your job:  As a parent, my bond with my daughter is one of my absolute joys. I’ve really enjoyed the home visits this year to see that bond in place for our girls and their caregivers. I’m inspired as a teacher to be able to help strengthen the caregiver/scholar bond with what we do in the classroom, integrating components of the curriculum that might include things like interactive homeworks and projects, family gaming-nights, open channels of communication, and the campus card, all of which help spark conversations of substance at home.

One commitment you are making this year that will support our college completion mission:  I am committing to giving our girls access to college-level mathematics at least once per quarter, so that they know they can stand confidently as freshmen in the college of their choice.

Jenny Poole, Girls Prep BX Elementary School

Jenny Poole, Lead Kindergarten Teacher/Grade Level Leader

Hometown: Youngstown, OH; Home of the Butler Institute of American Art, the first museum dedicated exclusively to American Art.

College(s)/Affiliations: Ohio University; Teachers College

What inspires you about your job: I am inspired by my colleagues at GPBX.  It is incredible to work with a committed group of intelligent people who are all driven to help every one of our students succeed.  I love being part of a thoughtful community of teachers.

One commitment you are making this year that will support our college completion mission: I am committed to creating a strong foundation for my kindergarteners so that they can become confident, passionate learners as they grow at Girls Prep.

Lora Dever, Girls Prep LES Elementary School

Lora Dever, Lead Fitness Teacher/Recess Coach

Hometown: Allentown, PA, made famous by a Billy Joel song (Allentown) which is an unfortunate yet fairly accurate portrayal of the city.

College(s)/Affiliations: Barnard College/Columbia University, Harvard Graduate School of Education, married to a Fordham Ram….

What inspires you about your job: I never liked gym class when I was a kid. The boys dominated everything, my natural ability was nonexistent, and we stuck to a very traditional PE curriculum. When I came here, I knew I wanted to give our girls an experience that more accurately encompassed the many recreational and physical activities that make up the sphere of ‘fitness’. I was blown away by the core values and school culture we had, and knew that here at GP I could create a curriculum tailored to our girls, where all strengths and roles were valued in our athletic programs, (including my personal favorites: strategic thinkers and hard-core fans) and health played an integrated role!

One commitment you are making this year that will support our college completion mission: We are rocking the path of the scholar-athlete this year! I intend to work with our staff and our networks to have short after-school clinics so that all our girls can experience an organized sports opportunity. We also want to connect students and families with community organizations that offer sports and fitness programs throughout the year. My goal is to open paths to collegiate play!

Jenny Maderal, Public Prep

Jenny Maderal, Administrative Associate

Hometown:  Bloomfield Hills, MI; home to Aretha Franklin (RESPECT), and Robin Williams (who had the same fifth grade teacher as me).

College(s)/Affiliations:  University of Michigan. GO BLUE!

What inspires you about your job:   Within moments of entering a Girls Prep School, I am reinvigorated about my job.   I’m happy to know that I am part of a network of schools that empowers both its staff and students to grow and learn as scholars and dynamic individuals.  I love the supportive culture of Public Prep and the constant collaboration that allows us to bring new ideas to fruition.

One commitment you are making this year that will support our college completion mission:   I will be working with Tiffany and Ian to help raise financial support for our College Completion Initiative.


One response to “WHO ARE WE?

  1. Fantastic interviews! I’m inspired by each of these staff members and honored to be on their team.

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