Welcome to the third edition of the Public Prep Unity newsletter, focused on our core value of Sisterhood. While we often speak about how this core value applies to our girls, it is important to note how the larger value of Community also applies to us as staff in our sister schools of Girls Prep Bronx and Girls Prep Lower East Side. Learning from each other, sharing best practices, and replicating effective techniques within and across our schools is an important part of how we as a network can work together to help our girls succeed. For example, this year, across grades three through seven, we are working with the Achievement Network and 11 schools in NYC to implement common, high-quality, rigorous interim assessments in English Language Arts. In 3rd grade, that means our girls in the Bronx and the Lower East Side will be taking the same exact assessments four times this year. This will be a tremendous opportunity for teachers across our grades to compare and analyze results within our own network and against 11 other schools, and objectively determine what instructional interventions we can learn from those schools that are performing better. and vice versa. Like sisters, we might experience some healthy competition and cooperation. In this spirit, “coopetition” is a good thing. Regularly evaluating student performance data and openly sharing that throughout the year with peer schools taking the same exact exams, will only mean better results for our girls. Here’s to Sisterhood!


All Best,

Ian V. Rowe



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