Welcome to the fourth edition of the Public Prep UNITY newsletter, focused on the core value of Responsibility. “I choose to do the right thing (even when no one is watching.)” While strong academic achievement is a prerequisite to put our girl’s on a path to ultimately earn a degree from a four-year university, it is not enough. Too often we are disappointed when we see public figures that seem to be “smart,” but fail to achieve success in life because they lack self-control or give up when the going gets tough. Indeed, much has been written recently about the importance of responsibility — and other non-cognitive skills and traits like persistence, self-discipline, optimism, gratitude, empathy and dependability — as necessary complements to academic success. Ironically, new studies now show perseverance, dependability and consistency are the most important predictors of students’ academic grades. This is why we’re proud to share examples of service learning projects in which students across all of our schools are putting our core values into practice, building the kinds of non-cognitive skills, that will help them ultimately succeed.


All Best,

Ian V. Rowe



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