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Welcome to the fourth edition of the Public Prep UNITY newsletter, focused on the core value of Responsibility. “I choose to do the right thing (even when no one is watching.)” While strong academic achievement is a prerequisite to put our girl’s on a path to ultimately earn a degree from a four-year university, it is not enough. Too often we are disappointed when we see public figures that seem to be “smart,” but fail to achieve success in life because they lack self-control or give up when the going gets tough. Indeed, much has been written recently about the importance of responsibility — and other non-cognitive skills and traits like persistence, self-discipline, optimism, gratitude, empathy and dependability — as necessary complements to academic success. Ironically, new studies now show perseverance, dependability and consistency are the most important predictors of students’ academic grades. This is why we’re proud to share examples of service learning projects in which students across all of our schools are putting our core values into practice, building the kinds of non-cognitive skills, that will help them ultimately succeed.


All Best,

Ian V. Rowe




On February 10-12, 2012 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington D.C. the inaugural National Conference on Girls’ Education will take place. It is co-founded by The Young Women’s Leadership Network(YWLN) and The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS).  This conference, bringing together all forms of girls’ schools (public, independent, parochial), girls’ program leaders and practitioners, academics, researchers and others committed to the healthy intellectual, social, and emotional development of girls and young women, will shine the spotlight on some of America’s top thinkers, educators and practitioners. Public Prep Network is on the Advisory Board for the conference.

For more information and to register, follow this link, and check out their facebook page.


Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary and Middle Schools enjoyed service days in October.  Girls Prep LES Middle School teamed up with New York Cares on October 15th to beautify hallways and classrooms by stenciling our core values, and inspirational quotes from the classroom namesakes throughout the school.

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Find more photos here

And, on October 22nd at Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary School, Girls Prep celebrated namesake Captain Brenda Berkman’s Birthday with a day of service. The day was captured  on Women You Should Know.  


The Reading Buddies program was launched on Friday, October 7th at the LES Elementary School. 5th grade scholars from the Middle School had the opportunity to visit their old school and help foster a love of reading in their little sisters. The girls, big and little alike, had a great time reading and getting to know one another. We are so excited about this continued partnership throughout the school year.

Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary and Middle School Reading Buddies


Lacy Reed

Reading Specialist

Girls Prep LES Middle School


Welcome to the third edition of the Public Prep Unity newsletter, focused on our core value of Sisterhood. While we often speak about how this core value applies to our girls, it is important to note how the larger value of Community also applies to us as staff in our sister schools of Girls Prep Bronx and Girls Prep Lower East Side. Learning from each other, sharing best practices, and replicating effective techniques within and across our schools is an important part of how we as a network can work together to help our girls succeed. For example, this year, across grades three through seven, we are working with the Achievement Network and 11 schools in NYC to implement common, high-quality, rigorous interim assessments in English Language Arts. In 3rd grade, that means our girls in the Bronx and the Lower East Side will be taking the same exact assessments four times this year. This will be a tremendous opportunity for teachers across our grades to compare and analyze results within our own network and against 11 other schools, and objectively determine what instructional interventions we can learn from those schools that are performing better. and vice versa. Like sisters, we might experience some healthy competition and cooperation. In this spirit, “coopetition” is a good thing. Regularly evaluating student performance data and openly sharing that throughout the year with peer schools taking the same exact exams, will only mean better results for our girls. Here’s to Sisterhood!


All Best,

Ian V. Rowe



Molly Betty, Girls Prep Bronx

Molly Betty, Second Grade CTT Lead Teacher

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon, home of the mighty Oregon Ducks, Steve
Prefontaine, and Ken Kesey, and the birthplace of Nike.

College(s)/Affiliations: University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and Bank Street College of Education What inspires you about your job: The students!  The enthusiasm of the girls and their commitment to learning keeps me inspired.  I see the core values in action in my students every single day, and their excitement and dedication is contagious.

One commitment you are making this year that will support our college completion mission: I am committed to developing the girls’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills by giving them lots of opportunities to work through challenging, open-ended questions and problems.


Dear Friends and Families,

I count myself among the most fortunate of people for many reasons. One reason being that on any given day when I come to work, I can witness a young girl learn a new word, read a book that she couldn’t read the week before, or explain the mathematical reasoning behind adding and subtracting positive and negative integers. Where I work, I get to see students embody merit on a regular basis. Where I work effort is valued, effort is taught, and effort is one of the key pillars that is helping to increase and ensure student learning and achievement at Public Prep.

I entered this world on the same day, and only nine minutes before, one of the most brilliant people I know, my twin sister.  She is one of the main reasons I find myself working in education today. After taking a single test in kindergarten, our educational experiences became drastically divergent. Where I my efforts were encouraged by my teachers and the school, hers were not. I know that if we attended a school like the schools in the Public Prep Network, her unique brilliance and effort, as well as mine, would have been seen immediately and brought out into the light. 

Since starting as the Managing Director of Student Learning and Achievement for Public Prep, I have spent time in each of our schools learning about, with, and from our students, our staff members, our families, and our school leaders. I will be working with each school, and with my colleagues at the network level, in leading development of Public Prep’s Academic Standard of Excellence that explicitly defines – at each K-8 grade level – what Public Prep students are expected to know, and be able to do, to be on a predictive path to earn a four-year college degree.

I believe that every child is brilliant beyond measure and that it is our work to find that brilliance and make it even brighter. I am looking forward to working hard with all of you achieve this.

Take gentle care,

Verta Maloney

MD, Student Learning and Achievement